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Financial Innovation

We provide industry-leading software to enterprise clients, including the world's leading asset management, financial, real estate and insurance companies.
Sample Product

Fast, Flexible, Analytical

Daric provides an entire operating system for cloud-based risk analysis, decisioning, customer acquisition, and visualizations.
We bring consumer ease of use and an integrated web and REST-based experience to the toughest enterprise problems

Decision Platforms

A user-friendly interface and back-end infrastructure for automated risk modeling, rules-based scoring, decisioning, and data integration across a variety of industries.

Reporting and Compliance

Document vault and custom reports that can then be used for underwriting, investment management, and servicing of assets. Reports are based on any segment of activity on the platform.

Fast and Configurable

Financial technology that can be deployed today, adapts to a variety of verticals, and produces operational results in weeks.

Our Approach

Backed by leading investors including former Wells Fargo CEO Richard Kovacevich, we represent the next generation of financial software, combining the best minds in technology and finance to provide end-to-end cloud-based web client solutions for targeted acquisition, risk analysis, and performance management.
Our customers range from large publicly traded companies with billions in assets under management to smaller boutique firms. Our technology has been featured in TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and many other leading publications.
Daric solves financial problems across ever more competitive industry verticals faster and more flexibly.Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we bring consumer ease of use and an integrated web and REST-based experience to the toughest enterprise problems.

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