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Digital Lending Solutions

We provide lenders with an enhanced origination process for mortgages, personal loans, and other products by automating the application process and improving monthly lead conversion in retail, consumer direct, and wholesale channels. Our technology allows borrowers to complete the borrowing process from their computer or mobile device through a fully online mortgage origination solution, integrated with Day-1 certainty and approval criteria.

Risk Solutions

Enhancing Credit Risk Management

Daric offers a powerful AI-powered platform for credit modeling, decisioning, and scoring. Additionally, an integrated risk management tool allows for scenario analysis, actionable recommendations, and credit policy management. Learn more about our solutions, including a case study on Early Delinquency Management, below.

AML, Compliance, and Data Management

Download this white paper to learn more about how banks use the Daric solution to effectively manage the growing cost of AML compliance while minimizing regulatory exposure and false positives.

Data quality management is a key compliance concern for many banks. In this white paper you can learn more about how banks use the Daric solution to improve completeness, accuracy, and standardization through an AI-driven solution.

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